In our global society, problems such as pollution, infectious diseases & financial crisis, have been spreading beyond national boundaries in no time. The task of solving problems concerning energy and environment, or industrial and economic revitalization, needs to be shared on a global scale. Solutions for aforementioned issues will require innovation that surpasses contemporary convention.

I have great pleasure in conveying my best wishes to all of you at ARYA-IMT as you have taken faith on us. ARYA-IMT will make a reputation for attracting the best students in their chosen faculty. It has inherited the traditions of its predecessors, starting with the best which can be provided to the students. I believe that our mission is the creation of knowledge aimed at finding solutions for emerging global tasks and the making of future society, including the cultivation of human resources who will take the initiative. "Do your best" applies wonderfully to what we wish for our students at ARYA-IMT. These three words: simple, but weightier than most paragraphs. Those three words set very basic expectations of anyone in pursuit of a goal - professional or personal. Institutes, in general, are required to contribute to society through education and research activities. ARYA-IMT is established based on new education concepts in the heart of Phagwara City. At ARYA-IMT, we will try to make holistic development of the students with various subject societies like Youth Red Cross, Women Cell, Legal Literacy Cell, Environment Society, Computer Society, Career Counselling Cell, N.C.C and Social Sciences Forum etc. We will organize debates, seminars, quizzes etc. to sensitize the students on socio-cultural and environment issues. ARYA-IMT is located in rich natural environment, and is an institute that respects diverse values. Our institute intends to contribute to the international society by demonstrating leadership as an innovative, unique, and cosmopolitan center of knowledge with an influential voice on the international scene, under the slogan "EVOLVE THROUGH EDUCATION." 

K.K Sardana